Job Vacancy: English Teacher at LBPP LIA Palembang

LBPP-LIA recognized as the leading and largest non-formal English Language Center in Indonesia,invites potential candidates who meet the following requirements ti fill the positions of English Teachers at LBPP-LIA Palembang.

Requirements :

1. Has a collage degree (S1 or D3) in any discipline and lives in Palembang

2. Is between 22 and 40 years of age

3. Is highly motivated, achievement oriented and has genuine intent to develop self and other

4. Is wiliing to take the LIA EPT (English Profiency Test) & Interview.the Essay Writing Test and doing a Mini Presentation

5. Is willing to attend LIA TEFL Training for two months starting June 22,2015

6. Is willing to teach in any slot

7. Is willing to teach at LBPP-LIA Palembang at least for 30 classes.

Bring your application Letter and Curriculum Vitae in person to the address below before May 2, 2015 and for more detail please contact LBPP-LIA Palembang


Jln.Jenderal Sudirman No.2953 Palembang

Phone 0711-366017 ext.124

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