varian Sambel Ndower

Never get enough with something spicy and now i’m trying @sambel_ndower, it can be red or green chilli while you order, but they all have the same level of spiciness and same variant too. Such a nice way to spice up our lunch ?
Beberapa varian Sambel Ndower :
1. Sambel Ndower Original 27rb
2. Sambel Ndower Pete 32rb
3. Sambel Ndower Teri 32rb
4. Sambel Ndower Jengkol 32rb
5. Sambel Ndower Teri Pete 37rb
6. Sambel Ndower Teri Jengkol 37rb
7. Sambel Ndower ijo 27rb
Palembang COD/by gojek everyday
More details:
ig : @sambel_ndower
Line : sambelndower

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